Capa internacional de Crazy for You (Louca por Você), da autora A.C. Meyer.

Dia 14/02, é o dia do lançamento oficial da capa de Crazy for You, a versão em inglês do livro "Louca por Você" (confira a resenha aqui!), da autora A.C. Meyer

O lançamento oficial do livro está previsto para 17/03 na Amazon! Enquanto isso, confira a capa e sinopse:

Crazy for You
After Dark Series - Book 01
Goodreads: Goodreads
Synopsis: He was everything she always dreamed of...
Julie Walsh was in love with Daniel Stewart her whole life, but he always saw her as his sister. Until the day fate decided to give her a hand and gave Julie the opportunity of shaking Danny's life and heart.
He didn't want to fall in love....
Daniel repressed his feelings for many years. Without interest of investing time in serious relationships, enjoying his life with a different girl each day, dedicating his real feelings to the success of his bar, the After Dark. Until the day fate gave him a hit in the head and a shake in his heart, showing him that the little girl that he always treated like a sister, is in reality, the one who will make him think of a "happily ever after".
But when Daniel finally decided to give a chance to this crazy sentiment that fueled his mind and body, he stumbles with a big stone in his path: Alan, the hot guitarrist of The Band, who tries to win Julie's heart.
Will Julie's dream come true and finally have Danny's love or is Alan her real Prince Charming, who'll come rescue her with his guitar?
*Attention: this book contain high doses of romance, funny situations, hot guys and a fabulous gay friend*
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